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Armored Core 6: All Core parts in AC6

May 29, 2023May 29, 2023

Get right to the core of the issue.

The eponymous Core of an Armored Core. The very thing the entire series is named after. In Armored Core 6, the importance of your Core—and selecting the right one—cannot be overstated.

As it’s where your generator is housed, it’ll also provide bonuses to said generator’s output, affecting your total EN pool when building a mech. Put simply, the core is the piece you should build your entire mech around, and this handy list will help you keep track of the options on offer.

Here are all the Core parts you can pick up from the AC6 Parts Shop, as well as a little bit about their benefits and drawbacks to help you decide which ones to make a part of your very own AC.

The CC-2000 Orbiter, sadly, should be left in the dust as soon as possible. Although it’s a decent enough midweight core, and saw you through the fight with the first boss, its lack of real specialties and low overall stats make it unsuited for continued use beyond a particularly ambitious challenge run or two.

The Nachtreiher/40E should be the centerpiece of your early game lightweight build—not to mention that the sleek, aerodynamic aesthetic just looks plain cool. While it’ll be a great help in zipping around the battlefield, the EN budget it allows is downright pitiful, nudging the player to install the rest of the Nachtreiher frame rather than anything heavier.

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The DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG, as the in-game description says, embodies its manufacturer’s “stout tree, slender branches” philosophy. This is a massive hunk of metal and comes with the protection you’d expect, but it’ll also severely hinder your AC’s movement thanks to its weight. If you want to be a walking tank, this is the way to go.

The VP-40S is a midweight core that pairs best with the VP-424 tetrapod legs you’ll unlock later on in Chapter 1. While it’s certainly possible to use it in a standard bipedal build, it’s outshined by the Melander frames in terms of stability and durability.

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The BD-011 Melander, on the other hand, is the optimal choice for a bipedal midweight build. If you favor being a jack of all trades that puts versatility first, the BD-011 gives you a decent amount of freedom to play around with various configurations and settle on something that works for you.

The BD-012 Melander C3 is fairly similar to its predecessor, albeit a little beefier in both the weight and AP departments. Still, it’s nowhere near the chunkiness of the TIAN-QIANG, meaning it remains viable for mobile and defense-heavy builds alike.

This guide will be updated as more parts are discovered or released in AC6.

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