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This Tiktoker's Hack For Drilling Tile Is So Genius

Aug 23, 2023Aug 23, 2023

Being a handyman around the house means that you have to have some in-depth knowledge about how to fix household appliances and objects. You also have to know how to handle tools, especially power tools like your drill. In order to fix things around the house with your power drill by yourself, wall construction and makeup come into play. There are some walls you can't drill into easily, and there are some that allow you easy access. If you're trying to drill into a wall covered in ceramic tiles, then you have to be extremely careful not to crack or break them. Well, this might seem like an impossible feat, but there is a way around it. One TikToker figured out a genius hack for drilling effortlessly through tiles.

When you're looking to install some cool bathroom or kitchen features, you may have to drill into the tiles without cracking them. The problem with this is that tiles are usually made of ceramic, and drilling into them at full power is what causes them to shatter. This also happens because the drill parts become hot due to frictional heat and end up causing damage to the wall. Fortunately, TikTok hacks are coming through for us once again, as a creator found a way to blast through those tiles without so much as denting them.

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When you picture yourself power drilling into tiles, you probably envision a lot of chunks and pieces flying around, eventually costing you a fortune to replace. However, a TikTok creator helpfully demonstrates how smooth creating holes in ceramic tiles can be by using a sponge to regulate the drill bit's temperature.

TikToker @winnidesigns credits his grandmother for showing him this power-drilling hack. First, snag a used sponge from your kitchen, making sure it's a soft one. Then, stuff it into the drill bit and dip the bit into some water so the sponge becomes saturated. Finally, proceed with the drilling.

The secret to not ruining your tiled wall with your power tool is to keep the parts of the drill cool so that the bit doesn't overheat and ruin the operation. The wet sponge acts like a buffer, not only preventing the drill from becoming too hot but also trapping stray wall chips as the bit powers through the wall. Just make sure you don't splash some of that water onto the electrical parts of the drill for, well, obvious reasons. The drill might be more expensive to replace than your tiles.