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Big Beaver auger drill goes where mounted drills can’t fit

Jun 16, 2024Jun 16, 2024

As the most powerful offering in Little Beaver’s line of earth drilling equipment, the Big Beaver auger drill rig offers 1,135 kg of lifting capacity and the ability to turn augers up to 45-cm in diameter.

Available in two models, the Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL, the hydraulically powered units may be specified to produce a maximum drilling torque of 690 foot-pounds and auger speeds from 114 to 547 rpm.

At 66-cm wide and 122-cm long, the Big Beaver maneuvers into areas mounted drills are unable to fit. The standard model measures 2 metres tall when upright, while the Big Beaver XL stands at 2.3 metres tall.

The auger drill is built with a welded mechanical steel frame and is ideal for a variety of applications including soil sampling, foundation repair and drilling environmental test wells. Additionally, the drill’s portability enables it to work in remote locations and those inaccessible to truck-mounted units.

Hydraulic Power is available via a 20-hp or 24-hp Honda gas engine or a 19-hp diesel engine.

These engines come with a 15-litre fuel tank to ensure all-day operation, while the 25-cm fan on the oil cooler regulates temperature.

The hydraulic power source also serves as an attachment point for the stabilizer torque tube. For greater versatility, the power source can also be used to power a variety of other hydraulic tools on the jobsite.

For foundation repair, the Big Beaver can drill pier holies up to 40-cm in diameter.

The mast can be aligned in any position up to 15 degrees from vertical with the crank mechanism. To create an under-reamed footing at the bottom of the foundation pier hole, an optional belling tool is available, which provides solid support for slab and prevents pier uplift.

The Big Beaver can be paired with special tools and accessories to enable various drilling tasks. An optional Cathead Kit, which includes a tower kit, third hydraulic valve and spool, makes soil sampling and performing standard penetration tests convenient and economical. Additionally, the kit enables the Big Beaver to take undisturbed core samples, in 60-cm increments, with the optional Split Spoon Sampler.

Both Big Beaver models are designed to work with Little Beaver’s D-series augers, which range in diameter from 10 to 45-cm. Auger extensions enable drilling depths up to 9.75-metres with a 40-cm auger and 30-metres with a 15-cm auger.